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Compliance and Anticorruption in Russia and CIS, June 2016


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The importance of compliance has been growing every year in both Russia and the world inevitably leading to increasing business value of compliance role within organisation.
Company shareholders and management are all benefit from setting up an effective enterprise compliance system. Violation of the mandatory regulatory requirements may not only lead to financial losses for the organisation, but also to the company liquidation, as well as to the criminal responsibility of the management.
Currently, the Russian business has come to understanding that compliance is an integral element of the corporate governance system. Implementation of compliance system has far more benefits for the company than risks associated with its absence.
In order to setup an efficient compliance office and implement integrated anticorruption policy within a company management must have all relevant information essential to making well-reasoned decisions. This can be done through both gaining own practical experience and equally important from learning best practices from the colleagues in other companies and avoiding costly mistakes.
On 29th and 30th of June 2016 in Moscow as part of the 3rd annual conference "Compliance and Anticorruption in Russia and CIS" heads of legal departments, internal control and security services and Compliance offices will provide you with a rare opportunity to see the best practices of building an effective compliance function within the leading Russian and international companies.
Participation in our unique conference will allow you to receive answers to the most pressing questions of anticorruption and compliance. It will give you an opportunity to learn how to build such essential interconnected processes as risk management, internal controls and compliance from the practical experience of your colleagues in other organisation, as well as keep you up to date on the latest trends of compliance practices in Russia.
This conference will allow the participants to catch up on the latest methodological developments and achievements in the field of building integrated compliance system and managing corruption risks, including:
  • Practical experience of building an efficient compliance service in MTS & GAZPROMBANK
  • Increasing efficiency of your compliance control system
  • Best anticorruption practices in daily operations with your distributors , intermediaries, agents and subcontractors
  • Compliance risk management for legal department
  • The order and the list of procedures of internal investigations based on corporate fraud with observance of russian legislative requirements
  • Managing fraud and corruption risks when dealing with various counterparties
  • Ensuring compliance during the cooperation with public authorities and while concluding contracts with public procurement authorities
  • Evaluating the methods of responding to corrupt employee conduct
  • Anticorruption due diligence
  • Anticorruption mechanisms and compliance control in procurement
  • Sharing best practices of identifying, assessing and preventing corruption in organisation
  • Business standards codex as an essential element of anticorruption programme
  • Effective methods of corruption prevention and fighting corruption in retail: case study from O’KEY
  • The process of applying anticorruption clauses in contracts
  • Successful strategies for managing conflict of interest and its interrelated elements: identification, regulation and prevention based on practical examples
  • Board of director’s role in supervising the setup of anticorruption and antifraud system and ensuring its efficient functioning
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