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Excellent! The time, the place, the organisation, the crowd, all was as expected 
I really liked the atmosphere and the presentations of all speakers 
MTS Bank
The event and the presentation materials were organised at the highest level, which provided the opportunity to obtain useful information and share personal experience  in the area of organising an effective compliance system 
This conference was probably one of the best, most useful, most interesting, in which I have participated in the last 8 years. Relevant topics and great speakers. I believe that every participant has made lots of conclutions and even obtained practical solutions to many issues
I enjoyed the conference. There were lots of substantial and interesting presentations 
Everything was great. The organisation at its highest level, very interesting and fresh topics, amazing speakers 
Burger King
A special thanks to the organisors and sponsors. A very interesting and beautifully organised event
A very good and precise organisation; a great selection of speakers; a cozy and comforatble atmosphere