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Legal Risk Management, November 2018



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Organizing Zeppelin Legal Department operations on the Shared Services principles: Process approach, 6Sigma, SLA, and KPIs
Anna Kalacheva, Legal Support and Sales Administration Department Head
  • Transactional and exert function
  • Implementing process approach
  • Continuous improvement
  • Customer requirements
  • Performance indicators
Siemens experience : Organization of legally binding digital document flow
Ilya Ozozhenko, Legal Department for Corporate Affairs Deputy Director / M & A
SIEMENS Russia & Central Asia
  • Using foreign digital signature?
  • For internal documents (accounting, personnel)?
  • For external documents (contracts, etc.)?
Case Study: Building effective contractual work in Kia Motors Rus
Artur Allaliev, Legal Department Head
Kia Motors Rus
  • Main Company strategy areas in contractual work
  • Company divisions and employees involved in contract work - responsibilities distribution and interaction order
  • Contract work document flow algorithm
  • When shall one engage external consultants to improve contract work efficiency?
  • Foreign contractors contract work specifics
  • Contract Department reports and department efficiency assessment
Compliance control system as part of Legal Department: Legal Officers view
Elena Chelembeva, Legal Department Head
Volvo Group & Renault Trucks
  • What is compliance program - Legal Officer's view
  • Compliance program methodological basis and content from legal risks point of view
  • To what extent should lawyers supervise compliance procedures?
  • Combining the legal and compliance Company departments: pros, cons, consequences
External consultant efficient management: Ways to optimize cooperation and reduce expenses
GR activity-related regulatory risks management: Legal Department role
Dmitry Timofeev, Vice President of Legal Affairse President of Legal Affairs
PIK Group
  • GR legal regulation specifics in Russia
  • GR Legal Officer: Does a Legal Department need the employee and what knowledge shall he/she have?
  • GR Legal Officer's role in a company
  • Modern GR implementation tools into existing Legal Department regulations and business processes
Comprehensive corporate legal activity automation: Megafon Case Study
Dmitry Zabuga, Head of Automated Legal Solutions, Legal Function
  • Modern technologies to automate business processes
  • What automation has to offer to contemporary Legal Department
  • Some Legal Function business processes automation experience
  • Automation fields: Agreements, power of attorney, corporate law, litigation - routine operations minimization
  • Selecting automation system integrators - things to consider
Legal Department management: Legal Department optimization and efficiency increase practice
Artem Afanasyev,   Board of Directors member, management board member. Legal Department and Compliance Control Head, DIXY
Alexey Andronov,   Head, Legal Department, Megapolis
  • New threats for Legal Department in crisis
  • Defining Legal Department key performance criteria and expanding Legal Function powers
  • Specialization role in Legal Department operations: Finding balance between the legal officers specialization need and interchangeability
  • What legal  problems are hidden behind verified contracts wordings and employees’ actions?
  • Is there a way to optimize Legal Department budget?
  • Legal Department centralization and decentralization: Pro or con?
Company legal risks related to company staff optimization
Andrei Petrov,   Management of Labor, Administrative Practices and Enforcement Proceedings Department Head
  • Company actions when firing an employee. Contract termination best practice
  • Staff reduction proper planning: Possible risks and employees’ arguments when challenging dismissal
  • How to avoid mistakes when dismissing protected employee categories?
  • Employment contract voluntary termination: Compensation calculations and other matters
  • Dismissal due to the employee's fault Wat documentation and evidence shall the employer prepare?
  • Labor disputes on Labor Contract termination: Pitfalls
Powers and closing deals - company permanent risks: Prevention, implementation, consequences minimization based on judicial practice
Pavel Ostashkin, Legal Affairs Head 
Legal risks associated with the IP creation, use, and commercialization 
Lyubov Alimova , Intellectual Property Unit Head, Legal Department
  • Creating and registering IP in various jurisdiction, selecting defense strategy
  • IP policy in international Company
  • IP legal risks in digital environment
Legal culture and business ethics as company legal risk management tools
Polina Lebedeva , Legal Directorate Head
  • Corporate legal culture improvement: Benefit or threat?
  • Legal Officer’s practical role in a company: not only making right answers but asking right questions
  • ‘Grey zone’ questions How a legal officer shall word answers?
  • Honesty. How to explain it to business and demonstrate its value?
  • Best international and Russian practices: Code of conduct, anti-corruption rules
  • Business ethics tools: Texts, behavior, culture
Due Diligence practical aspects: Working with currrent and new contractors in the modern legal field
Sergey Viktorov , Legal Affairs, Business Ethics and Quality System Head
Novo Nordisk
  • Research tasks and objects, reliability assessment criteria, things to pay specific attention to
  • Obtaining reliable information on contractor within existing legislation and avoiding conflicts with third parties - procedure, tools, legal mechanisms to collect information on contractor
  • Verifying existing contractors: Efficiency, necessity, frequency
  • Distributing responsibilities between company divisions
Interactive Master Class
"Legal Officers’ criminal liability! Is it possible? What shall we do?"
Alexander Yerasov , Tax disputes resolution group, criminal law defense for tax crimes Head, Attorney
Anton Gusev , Criminal Justice Practice Head, Attorney
Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (Russia) 
  • Practice of bringing legal officers to criminal liability
  • The most frequently used Criminal Code articles to bring legal officers to justice
  • Will the defense work: “I am consultant only”?
  • Meeting or criminal conspiracy?
  • Legal opinion use specifics
  • Discussing risks inside the company and with external consultants
  • Managing projects with criminal risks
  • Case Study
Case study: Monetka retail network criminal risk management

Мedia Partners

 Maxim Doloban, Legal and Corporate Affairs Director
  • Risk management process in Monetka retail network
  • Minimizing loss risks from government interference: General characteristics
  • Suppliers field inspection
  • Internal control
  • Loss reimbursement
Using regulatory impact assessment mechanisms and public discussion of federal executive bodies draft bills by the Company Legal Department
Arsen Balasanyan , Regulatory Risk Management Head
  • Regulatory impact assessment procedure
  • Actual benefits from regulatory impact assessing and draft legal acts public discussion mechanism
  • Improving legislation as a way to manage legal risks
International construction contracts: Risk identification and minimization
Igor Perevoshchikov, Contract Management Department Head of the Large Projects Directorate (BLPS)
  • Concept of an international construction contract in business and engineering practice
  • FIDIC, JCT, ORGALIME contract models
  • Implementing large investment projects under international construction contracts
  • Main risks and ways to minimize them
Corporate governance automation, Etalon Group
Victoria Tsytryna, CEO Deputy - Legal Department Head
Etalon Group
Legal risk management engaging external consultants
Anna Danilova , Corporate Finance Division Head, Legal Department

Rusal Global Management

  • Consultants engagement process Reasons to engage Remuneration types
  • Consultant efficient management
  • Paying for consultants services
  • Budgeting. Decrease expenses
Legal Officer soft skills as the business/customer communication efficiency base
Rafael Zohrabyan, Legal Affairs and Interaction with the Authorities Head
Saint-Gobain Construction Products Rus
  • Goal and priority setting skills in structuring complex legal projects
  • Skills for calibration, adjustment, and communication between legal officer and business representative
  • Emotional intelligence as the base for legal officer’s success in modern business environment
Real estate lease agreement: Tenant's main legal risks and risk optimization
 Yulia Matveeva, Real Estate Transaction Management Department Head
  • Risks related to leased objects and premise transfer
  • Lease term and agreement term: Indefinite term, renewable short-term agreements, long-term lease registration
  • Repair and operations: Things to pay attention to when concluding a contract
  • Rent and other payments under the agreement
  • Parties’ responsibilities, losses and expenses reimbursement
  • Lease agreement termination: It’s better to agree ‘ashore’
  • Tax risks: Brief analysis and risks minimization ways confirmed by successful tax audits and auditor’s opinions
  • Things a tenant shall pay attention to when concluding and executing a Lease Agreement
Practical aspects of Warranties and Implementations (431.2 of the Russian Civil Code) norms implementation and Indemnities (406.1 of the Russian Civil Code), Lamoda
Anatoly Markov , Legal Department Deputy Head


  • Legal institutions description
  • Reasons to include them into agreements/contracts
  • Challenges of practical application to interactions with contractors
Law application in economic instability situation - freedom of contract and the freedom limits
Natalia Okuneva, Legal Department Head

UniCredit Bank Russia

  • Legal cases analysis on agreement amendment and termination due to economic challenges as well as challenging ‘unfair contract terms’
  • New on transactions: Law enforcement and judicial practice. Amendments to the Russian Civil Code on transactions invalidity
  • Distribution of currency and other economic risks distribution in the agreement
  • How to include a disclaimer on the right to unilateral refusal to execute the agreement in the event of bankruptcy proceedings against the contractor?
Case Study: Resolving labor disputes in court
Anna Leonova , “Labor relations” practice Head
Danone Russia
  • Employee dismissal due to staff reduction or downsize
  • In relation to repeated non-fulfillment of the employee’s duties without justifiable reasons
  • If an employee has a disciplinary sanction
  • Contesting admonition or sanctions
Antimonopoly compliance as a way to decrease the responsibility of executives and organizations
Pavel Chuikov, Legal Department Head
Mitsubishi Motors
  • Analysis of antimonopoly compliance organizational structure in the Company
  • Possible forms of antimonopoly compliance system organization
  • Ways to identify the risks and create risk map
  • Required documents, procedures, and activities to create, implement, and deploy antimonopoly compliance system
  • Efficiency indicators and efficiency assessment
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