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Legal Risk Management: status 2015, October 2015


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Dialog Management Partners is glad to announce a new forum “Legal Risk Management: status 2015, taking place in October 2015 in Moscow. The programme has been especially developed to provide the unique learning experience to in-house lawyers. It will present them with detailed step-by-step guide to the latest changes in Russian Corporate Law and the Civil Code and will provide practical advice on building well equipped and proactive legal function within the organisation.

Companies and financial institutions based in Russia have been facing many challenges lately. Extended sanctions, closing of international markets, volatility and weak rouble did not leave anyone unaffected. “How to adapt corporate legal practices, implement effective legal strategy and mitigate regulatory risks?”, - is one of the main questions faced by in-house lawyers and top managers in Russian today. Taking into account possible consequences, not only does every company have to assess the legal risks of doing business in the current market conditions but also develop and implement a set of risk management measures as soon as possible. The role of the in-house lawyer has grown significantly. Nowadays, the lawyer’s participation goes far beyond supporting company's business activity and active participation of the lawyer is required in taking strategic decisions, making development plans and organising preventive work covering whole array of legal issues.

This event is intended for:
  • Director of Legal/Compliance Department
  • Head of Legal/Compliance Department
  • Senior Lawyer
  • Compliance Manager
  • Lawyer

Key features and benefits of the programme include:

  • How to build an effective system of managing legal and compliance risks?
  • Assessing legal risks of anti-crisis actions
  • Bankruptcy: how to minimise risks for the company and her shareholders?
  • What restructuring technics are implemented and what problems are lawyers facing?
  • Analysing contractual disputes associated with economic difficulties
  • Legal nature of sanctions: do sanction clauses in the agreements help?
  • CFC Law, de-offshorisation and other measures addressing tax evasion through low tax jurisdictions
  • Unveiling intricacy of managing antitrust risks. Arbitrary practices used in the cases with monopoly high and monopoly low prices
  • Employee relations during the crisis: thin border between legal and illegal and how to avoid labour disputes


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