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Legal Risk Management: Status 2019


L'Occitane Rus Case Study: Building an efficient interaction system between Legal Department and business units
Svetlana Mochalina, Director of Risk Management
L’Occitane Ru

• Legal Department main role and value
• Interaction system between Legal Department and business units: Main organization principles
• Legal Department efficiency: How to evaluate?
Labor disputes resolution in court
Andrey Petrov, Head of labour law

Dismissal of an employee due to staff or employees number reduction
• Dismissal due to repeated labor duties non-fulfillment by an employee without good reason, provided disciplinary sanction are in place
• Challenging remarks or reprimands
Legal risk management for contractual work with foreign counterparties
Lyubov Kuznetsova, Director Legal Affair
Norilsk Nickel

• Building a contractual work with foreign counterparties efficient system: Legal Department role, contractual and claim work ratio
• Company divisions and employees involved in contractual work: Duties distribution and the most efficient interaction procedure
• Engaging external legal consultants: Situations, forms of involvement, performance evaluation
• Legal Department efficiency assessment in part of contractual work with non-residents
Bad faith creditors’ responsibility for illegal actions and abuses against the debtor

Konstantin Grichanin, Deputy Director of Judicial Practice Department

Remote employees labor regulation: Legal risks and law enforcement practice
Natalia Shelikhova, Head of labour law
Russian Post

• Remote labor signs Significant differences of remote labor from other employment forms
• Organization of remote employees’ labor protection specifics Job security for remote employees
• Ways to control the job duties fulfillment. How to run a document flow with a remote employee?
• Remote employee prosecution and dismissal: Actual issues
• Administrative Practice of the State Labor Inspectorate for Remote Employees
• Judicial enforcement practice - current issues - of remote labor 

Legal Officer soft skills as the business/customer communication efficiency base

• Goal and priority setting skills in structuring complex legal projects
• Skills for calibration, adjustment, and communication between legal officer and business representative
• Emotional intelligence as the base for legal officer’s success in modern business environment

Building an effective risk management system and developing a Compliance culture
Maksim Mikhaylov, Head of Legal Services


• Compliance system - what is it?
• Mandatory elements for risk management system efficiency
• Compliance Culture in Russia
• Building a communications system aimed at increasing employee engagement in risk management
P A N E L D I S C U S S I O N 
Legal Department efficiency: how to organize the structure and implement key performance criteria
Natalia Okuneva, Director of Legal Department
UniСredit Bank Russia
Svetlana Mochalina, Director of Risk Management
L’Occitane Ru
Konstantin Mamilov, Director of Legal and Property Affairs
Kalashnikov Group

• Factors and specifics to know when building a corporate Legal Department
• How to increase the Legal department and business units interaction efficiency
• Legal resources centralization and decentralization of legal resources: Benefit or disadvantage
• What circumstances indicate problems in the Legal Department operation?
• Evaluating lawyers’ performance: Quality, volume and work efficiency metrics
• What Legal Department budget optimization strategy shall one choose?
• How to justify the need consulting services purchase?
Overstated cadastral value of real estate: Current issues, contestation algorithm and judicial practice
Vladimir Pavkin, Project Manager

• The way to protect your violated rights with overstated cadastral value
• Real estate cadastral valuation review procedure
• Cadastral value contesting practice
Case study: Building an effective contract work, Kalashnikov Group
Konstantin Mamilov, Director of Legal and Property Affairs
Kalashnikov Group

• Group main directions in contract work
• Company divisions and employees involved in contractual work– Duties distribution and the interaction procedure
• Document flow algorithm in the contract work field
• When do we engage external consultants to improve the contractual work efficiency?
• Contract Department reports and efficiency assessment
Modern methods for intellectual property legal protection
Ksenia Bychkova, Head Games&Esports,
Mail.Ru Group

• Main challenges to ensuring the IP results legal security
• Development and practical use of legal and economic mechanisms to protect corporate IP
• Features of contractual relations related to the IP creation and use
• Holding offenders accountable and redress
Legal Department efficiency assessment: In focus
Elena Chelembeeva, Director of Legal Department
Volvo Group & Renault Trucks

• What Legal Department can be considered effective?
• Main ways to assess the Legal Department efficiency
• What methods and approaches to efficiency assessment shall one choose?
• Corporate Legal Department structure assessment
Legal Department role in compliance procedures implementation: Practical experience
Tatiana Balabueva, Head of Compliance
Arsen Balasanyan, Head of Regulatory Risk Management

• Compliance procedures - lawyer’s view
• Methodological basis and content of compliance program from the point of legal risks
• To what extent should lawyers supervise compliance procedures?
• Combining the legal and compliance Company departments: pros, cons, consequences
• Experience in automating the conflict of interests declaration
• Anti-corruption (compliance-) clause: Legal status and regulation in the Russian Federation
Legal processes system digitalization: Comprehensive approach

Anna Kalacheva, Director of Legal Support

Preparing for inspections by controlling and supervising authorities
Maria Kochubeeva, Director of Judicial Affairs
Otto Group

• Russian legislation related to inspections
• Grounds for inspection and other procedures performed by the controlling and supervising authorities
• Minimizing risks of surprise inspection
• Employees’ actions to minimize negative consequences of controlling authority members visit
• Order of appeal against the controlling authority inspection results
Regulatory risks managements associated with GR-activities: Legal Department role
Arsen Balasanyan, Head of Regulatory Risk Management

• GR regulation specifics in Russia
• GR lawyer: Do we need one in the Legal Department and what knowledge shall he/she possess?
• GR lawyer in an organization
• Modern tools for implementing GR system in the current Legal Department regulations and business processes

Actual Legal Department challenges in the modern business environment
Anastasia Fomicheva, Director of Legal and Ethical Compliance
Siemens Healthcare

•Corporate Legal Department structure: Matrix and linear structure, pros and cons
• The role of specialization in Legal Department: How to find a balance between the need for specialization and the interchangeability of lawyers?
• Combining the legal and compliance Company departments: pros, cons, consequences
• Is it possible to optimize the Legal Department budget?

Antitrust compliance as a mechanism to prevent violations and reduce company risks
Maksim Gorbonos, Legal director
Dixy Group
Dmitriy Gavrilenko, Head of Antitrust Risks
NLMK Group
Viktoria Kazakova, PR Manager
Association of Antitrust Experts

• FAS compliance policies: Review and prevention of mistakes
• Antitrust compliance in the organization: Goals, procedures, interaction with the regulator
• The first implementation experience, typical mistakes and features of the Russian approach
• Regular antitrust risk assessment and risk management
Lawyer and Contract Engineer: Activities delimitation principles and conditions for creating efficient symbiosis
Igor Perevoschikov, Head of Department for Contract Work & of Directorate of Large Projects (BLPS)
Gazprom Neft

• The problem of functional overbard in the work of a company lawyer
• Contract engineer: Professional portrait and areas of responsibility
• Contract and legal department efficient interaction in business support
Debtor's abuse of bankruptcy cases related to the family law institutions use
Aleksey Petrovskiy, Deputy Head of Legal

• Types of abuse committed by a debtor citizen in bankruptcy anticipation
• Challenging a bankruptcy case of a debtor-citizen of prenuptial agreements, alimony and other agreements
• Challenging by creditors non bankruptcy cases of judicial acts issued in respect of a debtor citizen on matters relating to property and maintenance or spouses relations

Interactive test on innovations in the practice of concluding and interpreting contracts (based on Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation as of December 25, 2018 No. 49 “On some issues of applying the general provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on the conclusion and interpretation of an agreement”)
Andrey Dubinchin, Deputy Legal Director Head of Contract
Rusatom Service

• Conclusion of a contract / statement of circumstances
• Preliminary contract / Conclusion of a contract in court
• Contract Interpretation / Contract legal qualification
Development and inclusion of an anti-corruption clause when concluding agreements with contractors

• What items should be included for "reasonable preventive measures" to prevent bribery in accordance with Russian anti-corruption legislation, FCPA and UK Bribery Act 2015
• List of anti-corruption clause issues and the clause use in contracts
• Practical challenges in using the anti-corruption clause, ways to resolve them in the process of concluding contracts and in relations with contractors

Legal risks in resolving “consumer” disputes
Nikolay Kuvshinnikov, Head of legal division 
Kia Motors Russia

• Legislation of the Russian Federation governing legal relations in the consumer protection field
• Legal grounds for presenting customer requirements
• Main risk factors for “consumer” disputes
• Measures aimed at minimizing risks,
• Ways to fight and counter “consumer extremism”


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