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Legal Risk Management: status 2021, 7th Annual Conference




Experience in building an effective Legal Department. System for setting KPIs for Legal Department employees 
Elena Kabalkina, Director of Legal Affairs, Southeast Europe Region
Johnson & Johnson
  •  Corporate Legal Department creation strategy
  •  Legal Department structure: employees, distribution of duties and interaction procedure
  •  Legal Department document flow regulations
  •  When to involve external consultants to increase work efficiency?
  •  Departments and KPIs
  •  Example of KPIs for the Legal Unit Departments Heads
Efficient Legal Department and business units interaction model
Kuznetsova Lyubov, Head of the Department of Legal Support of Projects and Foreign Corporate Structure
Norilsk Nickel
  •  Main role, task and value of the Legal Department
  •  System of interaction of the Legal Department with business units: basic principles of organization
  •  What is the Legal Department strength?
  •  Assessing the Legal Department efficiency?
IT as a tool to streamline the Legal Department work 
Dmitry Pesnev, Head of Legal Service
Sberbank life insurance
  •  Roadmap \ What and how we do it
  •  Stages of choosing directions for the legal processes automation
  •  Automation and structuring of the legal department work processes
Contemporary approach to setting KPIs for the Legal Department Head subordinates
Vereshchagina Tatiana, Head of Legal Support Department
Cherkizovo Group
  •  Actual challenges for the Corporate Legal Department in transformation and change age
  •  Key performance indicators (KPI) of a lawyer
  •  Motivation system for employees reporting to the legal director
  •  Tools for managing tasks and assignments
  •  Examples of possible quantitative KPIs for lawyers
Digitalization and its role in the Legal Department transformation 
Olga Trifonova, Director of the Legal Department - Deputy General Director
Tinkoff Insurance
  •  Selection of priority areas for the Legal Department digitalization
  •  Digital systems analysis, selection and implementation
  •  Legal Department digitalization results: New analytical tools, level of risk assessment and decision quality
  •  Legal Department automation benefits for related divisions
  •  Changing the Legal Head’s role in managing the performance of the Legal Department and Company
Ways to reduce antitrust pricing risks 
Vyacheslav Martemyanov, Head of the Department for Legal Support of Administrative Proceedings and Settlement of Intra-Group Disputes
  •  Legal analysis of pricing process risk areas and ways to minimize them
  •  Legal Department role in interacting with the Company business units (price decisions preliminary and subsequent control)
  •  Ways to protect yourself from monopoly (economically unjustified) prices accusations
Features of attracting external consultants to prevent and minimize the consequences of legal risks 
Voronin Roman, Managing Partner, Attorney at Law
Law Office "RI-Consulting"
Specifics of transferring certain Legal Departments functions to a Shared Service Center
Mason Margarita, Director of Legal Affairs
Coca-Cola HBC Russia
  •  Feasibility and prerequisites for creating an SSC 
  •  The need to build a central Legal Department and automate individual process components
  •  Structure, qualifications
Legal risks associated with the IP creation, use, and commercialization
Ksenia Bychkova, Head of Games & Esports
  •  Creating and registering IP in various jurisdiction, selecting defence strategy
  •  IP policy in international Company
  •  IP legal risks in digital environment
  •  IP cultural development in company
Regulatory risks managements associated with GR-activities: Legal Department role 
Mazurevskaya Marina, Deputy General Director for Legal Issues and Work with Government Agencies
  •  GR regulation specifics in Russia
  •  GR lawyer: Do we need one in the Legal Department and what knowledge shall he/she possess?
  •  GR lawyer in an organization
  •  Modern tools for implementing GR system in the current Legal Department regulations and business processes
Claims and litigation management system automation
Dmitry Melnikov, Head of Legal Support for Customer Relations,
  •  Automation prerequisites
  •  Challenges due to the lack of automation and what automation solutions to choose
  •  What opportunities does automation open up
  •  Automation stages and directions
  •  Results achieved and lessons learned
Business Risk Management: Legal Department role and limits of responsibility
Ryzhkova Elena, head of practice, practice of support of regional, retail sales and customer service
  •  Types of risks associated with commercial activities and how they are managed by the Legal Department (manual labor vs automation)
  •  Legal Department limits of influence on business decisions
  •  Commercial risk event: Legal Department high point or failure?
Remote employees labor regulation: Legal risks and law enforcement practice
Okuneva Natalia, Director of the Legal Department
UniCredit Bank Russia 
  •  Remote labor signs Significant differences of remote labor from other employment forms
  •  Organization of remote employees’ labor protection specifics Job security for remote employees
  •  Ways to control the job duties fulfillment. How to run a document flow with a remote employee?
  •  Remote employee prosecution and dismissal: Actual issues
  •  Administrative Practice of the State Labor Inspectorate for Remote Employees
  •  Judicial enforcement practice - current issues - of remote labor
Tax clause in the contract as a way to protect against an unfair contractor
Kirillov Dmitry, senior associate, attorney, tax practice
  •  How does a tax clause work?
  •  Modern approach of the tax authorities to tax clause
  •  Judicial practice on the application of tax clauses
  •  What should be considered when formulating a tax clause in a contract?


Legal risks assessment system: Practical development and implementation experience
Elena Kucheryavaya, Director of Legal Affairs, EMEA, Personal Data in Russia,
Lifescan USA
  •  Methods and processes required to detect legal risks
  •  Analysis of the Company main operations: characteristic and uncharacteristic for the type of activity
  •  Identification and classification of legal risks
  •  Creation of a legal risk map, running activities to mitigate legal risks
Efficient compliance system as part of a Legal Department: a lawyer's view 
Glubokaya Yulia, Head of Legal and Compliance Department,
Hitachi ABB Power Grids
  •  What is compliance - lawyer’s view
  •  Methodological basis and content of compliance program from the point of legal risks
  •  To what extent should lawyers supervise compliance procedures?
  •  Combining the legal and compliance Company departments: pros, cons, consequences
Preparing for inspections by controlling and supervising authorities
Mochalina Svetlana, Director of the Risk Management Department,
L’Occitane Rus
  •  Russian legislation related to inspections
  •  Grounds for inspection and other procedures performed by the controlling and supervising authorities
  •  Minimizing risks of surprise inspection
  •  Employees’ actions to minimize negative consequences of controlling authority members visit
  •  Order of appeal against the controlling authority inspection results
Electronic document flow when building communications with contractors: new risks, new opportunities and legal significance 
Allaliev Artur, Director of the Legal Department,
Kia Motors Russia
  •  Advantages and disadvantages of switching to electronic document management with business partners
  •  Electronic document flow as a tool for monitoring contracts and reducing the conflict situations risk when interacting with contractors
  •  How to convince your contracts to switch to electronic document management?
  •  Engaging contractors to work in digital systems: what type of digital signature to choose?
  •  Exchange of digital primary documents with contractors
  •  Transfer of the digital system key to a third party: risks
Building an effective contract management department
Kireeva Julia, Head of the Center for Legal Support of Contractual Work, Department of Methodology and Automation,
Cherkizovo Group
  •  Group main directions in contract work
  •  Company divisions and employees involved in contractual work– Duties distribution and the interaction procedure
  •  Document flow algorithm in the contract work field
  •  When do we engage external consultants to improve the contractual work efficiency?
  •  Contract Department reports and efficiency assessment
A practical example of legal risk management in the Monetka Trading Network 
Doloban Maxim, Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs,
  •  Organization of the Risk Management process in TN Monetka.
  •  Minimizing the risk of losses from government intervention: General characteristics
  •  On-site inspections of suppliers
  •  Internal control
  •  Compensation for losses
Practical issues of ensuring Legal Department operations continuous improvement in Russia and Europe 
Elena Belyaeva, Head of Legal Support for Business in the Europe Region,
  •  The main "drivers" and innovative mechanisms for corporate Legal Department operations continuous improvement
  •  Legal Department centralization or decentralization and building an efficient business-oriented organizational structure, depending on the current tasks
  •  Legal Risk Matrix as an efficient mechanism for identifying, tracking and mitigating legal risks
  •  Practical recommendations for developing a performance indicators system
Real estate lease agreement: the main legal risks of the tenant and their optimization
Malkina Victoria, Head of Operational Support, Legal Department,
Legal Department efficiency assessment: In focus
Pak Anastasia, Head of Legal Department,
  •  What Legal Department can be considered efficient?
  •  The main directions Legal Department efficiency assessment
  •  What methods and approaches to efficiency assessment to choose?
  •  Assessing the Legal Department organizational structure
Distressed corporate debt management: prevention of occurrence and legal methods of collection
Kochubeeva Maria, Director of the Department of Judicial Work,
Otto Group Russia
  •  Essence and classification of receivables
  •  Legal methods of receivables management
  •  Receivables basic management and organizational principles and methods at the Enterprise
  •  Legal tools for dealing with overdue and troubled receivables
Legal Department of the future - main trends and forecasts 
Zhuchkova Olesya, head of legal support of financial products,
  •  Global megatrends and their impact on the Legal Department
  •  Evolutionary paths: Inevitable change in org. models and roles in the Legal Department
  •  Digitalization and its role in the Legal Department transformation
Fight of independent creditors against de facto affiliated creditors and artificial debt when establishing claims in the Creditors’ Register 
Domshenko Viktor, Head of the Department of Legal Defense,
Russian Post
  •  Choosing a protection strategy for independent creditors: objections to claim inclusion into the register, challenging a judicial act, subordination of the creditor's claims
  •  Indirect signs of the debtor and creditor actual affiliation
  •  Restoration of the term for challenging a judicial act of an affiliated creditor
  •  Standard of proof and distribution of burden of proof in disputes with affiliated creditors
Sanctions risks management in a group of companies 
Ilya Shchipkov, Head of Compliance Department, Legal Directorate,
  •  Ideology of working with sanctions risks
  •  Identifying the peculiarities of the protected group of companies
  •  Sanction systems
  •  Risks materiality assessment. Stress tests
  •  Early risk detection system
Responsibility of the Company head and officers: how a lawyer can ensure the management and effectively minimize the liability risks 
Erasov Alexander, lawyer, advisor
Rimma Malinskaya, lawyer, advisor
Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner