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Legal Risk Management, 1-2 November 2017


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Practical example of legal risks management at the Group of Companies DIXY
Artem Afanasiev, General Counsel - Head of legal, compliance and GR at DIXY Group. Member of the Management Board and Board of Directors
DIXY Group
  • Compliance as an effective instrument for legal risks management: practical aspects of the Ethical Committee operations
  • Centralization, standardization and automatization of legal operations as one of the effective ways to reduce the risks
  • Judicial disputes and amicable settlements as a practical instrument for reducing risks
Assessment of counterparty business reputation in the nuclear industry on the basis of data of contracts performance
Pavel Tikhomirov, Chairman of the Central Arbitration Committee, Internal Control and Audit
  • In the process of selection and assessment of suppliers, how do we take into account the quality and good faith of performance of their obligations on the earlier-made contracts?
  • How does one make the information on violation of contractual obligations by the supplier known not only to a specific customer, but to other customers in this industry as well?
  • How do we assess the facts of previous non-performance of its obligations by the supplier as the current customer's risk when entering into contract with this supplier?
Practical experience of building effective compliance system as part of the legal service of Softline international company
Vladimir Razuvaev, Chief Compliance Officer
  • Russian and international legislation norms on countering corruption
  • Key regulatory documents outlining compliance standards
  • Preventive control and automatization objectives of compliance procedures within the company Approaches to establishing compliance service from the ground up and the major problems
  • The role of compliance services within the organization structure of the company and its interaction with other company business units
  • Compliance function at the organization: from consulting to vetoing
Practical example of building effective contract work at CJSC GC Etalon
Viktoria Tsytrina, Chief Legal Officer
Etalon Group
  • Main directions of the company strategy in the contract work
  • The company business units and staff taking part in the contract work: distribution of duties and interaction processes
  • Document flow algorithm in the sphere of contract work
  • In what cases are external consultants employed to increase the effectiveness of contract work?
  • Specific features of contract work with foreign counterparties
  • Reporting of the contractual service and evaluation of the effectiveness of its work
Business ethics as a practical instrument of managing the company legal risks
Nikita Polozov, Head of Legal
  • What is the share of business issues; the answers to which a lawyer can find in the law?
  • The lawyer explains to business the contents of legal norms. Is the number of questions becoming less?
  • The practical importance of a lawyer for the company: not only the right answers, but the right questions as well
  • Gray-zone questions. How should the lawyer formulate the answers?
  • Conscientious.How can we explain it to business and show its value?
  • Business ethics instruments: texts, behavior, culture
Automatization of legal business process systems within a company: a comprehensive approach
Dmitriy Timofeev, Legal & Corporate Affairs Director, Management Board Member
  • Experience of automatization of certain business processes of a legal function
  • Peculiarities of selection of automatization system integrators: experience of GC Rosvodokanal
  • Specific features of managing the automatization projects for the legal function
Risk management in case of the counterparty bankruptcy: how to protect your company and minimize the risks
Dmitriy Konstantinov, Associate
Ilyashev & Partners
  • Subsidiary liability of the management and controlling of debtors' entities
  • Relations between the creditor and arbitration receiver: loyalty and disloyalty
  • Fighting the hidden capitalization, affiliation and fake creditors in the creditors' register
  • Liability of dishonest creditors for illegitimate actions and abuse in regards to the debtor
  • Specific features of simplified bankruptcy procedures for the debtor under liquidation procedure or absent
Practice of application by the courts of legislation novelties of corporate law 
Sergey Shorin, Partner
Pepeliaev Group
Sanctionable compliance, or specific features of the company legal operations under influence of sanctions
Sergey Eremin, Senior Associate
Herbert Smith Freehills
Maksim Astafev, Deputy Legal Director
S7 Group
Igor Tot, General counsel Russia & CEE
  • How do we build an integrated sanction compliance system in the situation of non-persistent nature of sanctions?
  • How do the legal departments manage to overcome contradictory regulatory provisions in regards to the sanctions?
  • What should be understood as effective interaction of business units, compliance service and legal management within the scope of complex system of sanction compliance
  • Arbitrary issues of the deal structuring, legal checking and preparing documentation in practice
Compliance and operational risks management under 152-FZ "On personal information":
experience of implementing the personal information management system in the YIT companies
Valentina Epifanova, Vice President for Legal Affairs, Head of legal Russia
  • Challenges facing the companies
  • Building the personal information management system
Subtleties of antimonopoly risks management
Maksim Arefev, Legal support director
X5 Retail Group
  • The notion of "risks of antimonopoly legislation violation"
  • Specific features of the Russian antimonopoly legislation and its enforcement (Federal Antimonopoly Service, courts, power authorities and economic entities)
  • The firm's competitive strategy, antimonopoly policy and compliance
  • Forms and mechanisms of antimonopoly policy implementation
  • Methodology of antimonopoly risks qualification, assessment and systematization
  • Influence of political, external and economic situation on antimonopoly risks probability
  • Peculiarities of reducing antimonopoly risks on certain components of antimonopoly legislation
Application of foreign law by the Russian companies outside the limits of investment and banking sectors
Andrey Dubinchin, Deputy Legal Director,
Head of Contracts
Rusatom Service
  • Application of foreign law by the Russian companies in the industrial/real sector.
  • Has the reform of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation changed the situation?
  • Approaches and differences in working with the foreign law for the Russian lawyers in the investment/banking sectors and industrial/real sector
  • Case examples
  • Optimal ways of work of Russian lawyers with foreign rights
Contract and legal disputes within the frames of large-scale construction projects
Igor Perevoshchikov, Head of Contract Management Department Major Projects Directorate (Downstream)
Gazprom Neft
  • Overview of the key reasons for disputes in the large-scale construction projects
  • Contract as a key instrument for managing the differences of opinions between the project participants
  • Non-contractual ways of disputes settlement
  • Principal recommendations on the stage of execution, performance and closing of the contract
Up-to-date methodology for legal defense of intellectual property
Tatiana Ivanushkina, Legal affairs director
Ekaterina Kamakina, Deputy legal affairs director
  • Approaches to assessment of IP objects utilization efficiency
  • Principal problems of ensuring legal protection for IP results
  • Development and practical application of legal and economic mechanisms for the company IP defense
  • Specific features of business relations connected with IP objects creation and utilization
  • Bringing the offenders to liability and compensation for the damage inflicted
  • Practical examples of efficient and non-efficient strategies of building the IP objects defense systems
Subtleties of compliance risks management in the current context
Julia Novikova, Dealer Compliance Manager
GE Healthcare
Anna Kasyanova, Legal Counsel
GE Healthcare 
  • Risks assessment as the cornerstone and beginning of each compliance program
  • Promotion and development of compliance culture as an effective method of managing corruption risks within the organization
  • Making compliance risks part of organization's integrated risks management model
  • Compliance risks assessment based on your specific business operations
  • Measures to minimize compliance risks in the key business processes: contract work, personnel management, accounting compliance, financial control, electronic document flow, etc.
  • Anti-corruption mechanisms and compliance control in the sphere of procurement operations
  • Ongoing risks monitoring (certification, training, verification of compliance with the legislation requirements and analysis procedures update)
  • Distribution of roles for the risks assessment management
  • Stress testing of compliance risks: comprehensive and individual testing
  • Assessment of desirable risk level and development of plans for its minimization
  •  Role and place of economic sanctions in the organization's compliance risks system
  • Optimization of compliance risks management technology for operation at the external markets
  • Practical recommendations for compliance risks assessment periodicity
Practical aspects of Due Diligence: working with existing and new counterparties within the frames of contemporary legal environment
Tatiana Sitnova, Legal Director
Burger King
  • What aspects should be paid special attention to: research targets and objectives and reliability assessment criteria?
  • How to obtain reliable information on the counterparty under the current legislation and to avoid conflicts with the third parties: procedure, instruments, legal mechanisms of collecting counterparty information
  • Checking existing counterparties: efficiency, necessity, periodicity
  • Distribution of duties between the company business units
Minimization of the company's legal risks arising from employment relations in the current context
Anna Leonova, Chief legal counsel
  • Regulation by the company of digital instruments application in the employment relations.
  • Filling certain gaps and collisions of the labor law, taking into account judicial practice and explanations by the state power authorities.
  • When there is a conflict within a company: what can be done by the employee and how should the company act
Effective development and optimization of legal function within the integration process (based on the example of Auchan and Atac merging)
Pavel Gromov, Legal director
  • Legal function integration experience: external and internal circumstances, managing expectations, risks and results
  • Typical problems and ways to overcome them
  • Setting priorities and building updated processes, business unit structure, legal function working technologies
Best practices to ensure ongoing improvement of legal service operations
Elena Chugunova, Head of Legal
T Plus Group
  • Principal drivers and innovations of mechanisms to ensure ongoing improvement of legal service operations within a company
  • Centralization or decentralization of legal function and building effective business-oriented organization structures depending on the current tasks to be solved
  • Legal risks matrix as an effective mechanism to identify, trace and mitigate legal risks
  • Practical recommendation for development of system of efficiency indicators
Practical example of establishing transaction center within the legal function
Tatiana Panyaeva, Legal director
Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia 
  • Preconditions for such center establishment
  • Feasibility of its establishment from the economic point and from the point of increasing the operations efficiency
  • Implementation results
Management of problematic corporate debts : preventive measures and legal methods of recovery
Maksim Doloban, Legal and corparate affairs director
  • The essence and classification of receivables
  • Legal methods of receivables management
  • Major principles and methods of organization of working with receivables at the enterprise
  • Legal instruments to work with overdue and problem receivables
Practical aspects  of effective legal risks management in foreign subsidiaries
Svetlana Mochalina, Head of Risk Management Department (Legal, Internal audit, Compliance)
L’Occitane Ru
Managing regulatory risks connected with GR operations: the role of legal service
Elena Gabdulkhaeva, Legal & Corporate Policy Director
  • Specific features of GR regulation in Russia
  • GR lawyer: does the legal service need it and what kind of knowledge should he/she possess?
  • Role of GR lawyer within an organization
  • Major instruments of integrating GR system to the current regulations and business processes of legal service
How to get prepared to the inspections by controlling and supervisory authorities
Anna Kalacheva, Director of Legal department
  • RF legislation regulating the procedures of conducting inspections
  • Grounds for conducting inspections and other procedures by controlling and supervisory authorities
  • Measures aimed at minimization of surprise inspections risks
  • Actions of staff in the organization with the purposes of minimization of negative consequences related to the visit of controlling authorities officials
  • Procedure of appeal against the results of inspection conducted by the controlling authorities
Legal risks related to IP creation, utilization and commercialization
Tatiana Mikhalchuk, associate
  • IP, a blessing or a curse, major risks for business;
  • Internal and external IP threats;
  • Recommendations on mitigating IP risks for business;
  • Development of IP culture within a company
Igor Kornev, Head of legal, Russia and CIS
Boeing Russia
  • IP creation and formalization in the engineering projects with multiple participants from various jurisdictions
  • IP policies within the international company
  • IP obtained within the frames of the current operations and within the frames of the company's special scientific and research activity
  • Participation of employees and staff of contractor organizations in IP creation, problems and solutions
Pressing issues of procurement under 44-FZ law
Dmirtriy Abramov, Head of Antitrust and Corporate Purchase Practice
  • Overview of the recent amends to the state procurement legislation and 2017 forecasts
  • Practice of FAS inspections in the procurement sphere
  • Separation of powers between FAS and Financial Control Committee
  • Arbitrational practice for appealing against the orders by the controlling authorities following the inspection results
  • Requirements to procurement participants
  • Goods of the Russian origin: setting priority rules for defining procurement
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