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Preventing Corporate Fraud and Busines Partners Due Diligence, 6th Annual Conference, March 2020, Moscow



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Assessment and risk prevention tools to counter employees’ and contractors’ misconduct
Ivanov Konstantin, Director of internal control


• General risk overview
• How deep is the need for risk assessment?
• Does the risks presence mean the necessity to terminate activities?
• Reflecting risk assessment and evaluation in the reporting
• Impact on a company's reputation: reporting and its importance
Contractors risk management, Procter & Gamble 
Zakhryapa Ekaterina, Governance, risk management, controls head

Procter & Gamble

• Introducing new contractors verification into the corporate regular processes: challenges and solutions
• Mass verification of existing contractors - ways to conduct and risks to consider
• Verification specifics in an international company systems and processes
• Risk prevention through Corporate Culture
Creating efficient Economic Security Department: real case study
Shvetskiy Aleksey, Head of security, business unit, central region


• How should the company’s economic security system be organized to meet the time challenges?
• Methods to identify fraud signs in business processes
• Control procedures development
• What ESD processes can be automated?
Compliance trainings: Improving employees’ awareness and making compliance trainings more effective
Gorbatov Dmitriy, Head of corporate regulation and control


• Practices used for internal corporate compliance training
• How to choose the audience within the company?
• Technologies for creating training system
• Training efficiency assessment criteria; using feedback from the employees
• Testing knowledge gained: types of tests and conclusions
“Hot Line” on countering fraud and corruption: Information receipt, registration, and processing practice
Nikitenko Vasiliy, Head of legal andcompliance

Ford Motor 

• Company policy to encourage employees and third parties to use hotlines and notification mechanisms
• Applications processing order, independent and objective information assessment
• Information analysis for violations
• Violation analysis for significance
• Information distribution to relevant departments for further decision making
Practical strategies for checking and monitoring contractors’ trustworthiness in a modern business environment
Mochalina Svetlana, Risk management director

L’Occitane Rus 

• Analyzing contractor's company and business type as well as assessing critical situation possibility on the contractor’s part
• Automated and manual contractors’ reliability check system advantages and disadvantages
• Determining the verification depth in order to obtain guaranteed results: optimal time and money spent on searching for information on contractor
• Resolving conflicts of different legal frameworks; stipulation of contractual rights and obligations.
• Required contractor verification level in a high-risk country
• When is a personal interview necessary and who to conduct it with?
Product sales fraud: Contemporary investigation methods
Korolev Denis, Partner, Head of EY forensic in Russia and CIS


• Main fraud methods
- Manipulating discounts
- Using agent schemes
- Fraud in acquiring freight services (if applicable)
• Modern investigation methods
- Data mining
- Automated contractor verification
- Social networks analysis
• Case study
Corporate Procurement Fraud: Focus 
Vikhrev Vladimir, Leading specialist


Kryukov Vasiliy, Deputy head of department of internal audit and control


Bogatikov Kirill, Head of corporate Investigation


• Signs of procurement violations and fraud
• Procurement process analysis for possible fraud
• Conflict of interests identification during the procurement procedures
• Proactive controls in the procurement process
• Procurement control methods
Executive Suit: Cyber Security Services for a company management and shareholders
Gorban Roman, Director, Disputes & Investigations

Alvarez & Marsal 

• IT / IS Interim management
• Cyber Intelligence
• Cyber Awareness Trainings
• Advisory and subscription services: Cyber Bodyguard
• Communication protocols for routine and emergency situations
• Capability Building: creation of forensic functions within the company
Anti-corruption measures in a commercial organization 
Oleynik Maksim, Head of economic security department


• Systematic approach to combating abuse, fraud and corruption
• Intra-Corporate abuse, fraud and corruption measures
• Compliance management as part of dealing with abuse, fraud and corruption
“Tone from the top” as one of the most important elements of creating a compliance culture and engaging employees from the top to bottom in order to minimize the corporate violations risks
Romashkina Yulia, Compliance director


• Compliance with the top management ethical and business standards by example
• Management role in the anti-corruption compliance process implementation at all organization levels
• Management interest in encouraging employees to effectively comply with the compliance program.
• Prospects for the compliance programs development and the expected results from the "Tone from the top"
The role of internal control and audit departments in the process of combating internal fraud and theft
Kocharyan Karine, Head of risk management and internal control


• ICAS capabilities and limitations in countering the internal corporate fraud
• Implementation of and internal control risk-based system against corporate fraud
• Anti-theft control procedures efficiency assessment
• ICAS tools and methods against internal fraud
DAY 2: FRIDAY, 06 MARCH 2020
Conflict of interest management: identification, regulation, and prevention on case studies 

Sabitova Arina, Deputy director of asset protection department (Compliance Division) 

Kopyl Vasiliy, Head of Internal Control, Asset Protection Department, 


• Conflict of interest concept in a commercial organization
• Conflict of interest main features and types
• Conflict of interest negative influence on company successful development in the modern environment
• Methods to identify and resolve conflicts of interest
• Efficient corporate measures to prevent conflict of interest
• Issues of legal regulation of conflict of interest
• Checking potential contractors to identify interdependent relationships with the employees of your company
• Organizing conflict of interest declaration process
The specificity of conducting due diligence procedures in relation to third parties: What to focus on – types, risks, specialities, methods and practic
Nikitin Dmitriy, Risk management director


• The varieties of third parties (suppliers, clients), the specificity of cooperation and possible risks.
• The details that are not inherent to standard procedures, diagnostic methods and extended Due Diligence
• The recommendations for conducting Due Diligence procedures in relation to third parties; the implementation of an electronic system for conducting Due Diligence in the company.
• FCPA vs local legislation
Economic Security Department efficiency assessment
Sayganov Aleksandr, Security director


• The main tasks and goals in the ESD operation
• Qualification of damage by type and source
• ESD specific features
• ESD efficiency evaluation through compensated/prevented damage ration confirmation
The role of internal audit and control in the prevention and reduction of fraud risks in the corporate governance system
Adolf Georgiy, Director for monitoring and reporting in Russia and CIS


• Internal audit and internal control efficient interaction
• Fraud model and red flags
• Maturity model of the internal control system in real life 
Conducting internal investigations into corporate fraud and corruption 
Letuchev Vladimir, Director, ACCA, CIA, internal audit


• What is the procedure for conducting an internal investigation procedure, what are the regulating documents?
• Role of different departments in internal investigation
• Making the right official investigation team composition taking into account the incident relation to the Company business
• Main Investigation Commission work principles
• Using the information from technical security systems
• What is the Commission authorized to conduct related to data collection, suspect interview, explanatory reports, customer polling?
• What measures can be taken on the basis of an official investigation report?
Due diligence for agents and joint ventures: What to look for?
Rudakov Aleksandr, Head of compliance


• Models and business cases for agents and joint ventures
• Agents and joint ventures risks
• Due diligence steps for agents and joint ventures
• FCPA cases for these third-party categories
Features of financial investigations 

Maltsev Eugene, Ph.D., Corporate Ethics and Compliance Manager - Europe and CIS  

• Investigation subject and goal
• Financial investigation planning: collecting information, engaging external lawyers and forensic accountants (forensic accounting experts)
• External experts management
• Evidence base formation
• Fundamentals of asset recovery under English law
Contractor verification algorithm in the Unified Network "Cinema Park" and "Formula Kino"
Savenkov Aleksandr, Security director 


• Contractor verification goals
• Contractor verification algorithm
• Affiliated contractors identification with the company employees
Know Your employee: Internal Due Diligence Procedures 
Novikova Yulia,Corporate investigation manager

General Electric

• Internal due diligence goals and objectives
• Compliance with Due Diligence procedures at the staff selection stage
• Should we conduct a Due Diligence process for existing employees (conflict of interest, gambling, drugs, debt, etc.)?
• Qualifications falsification by managers (education, certificates, etc).
• Examples of facts found
Compliance culture development and promotion as an effective way to manage corporate corruption risks 
Ananyichev Aleksey, Compliance manager


• Ways to create and develop corporate compliance culture meeting controllers’ expectations.
• Engaging employees to use consulting, informing, and complaint tools as a part of corporate compliance culture development
• Local challenges in creating efficient Russian and CIS compliance culture
• Developed compliance culture indicators
Real-life experience in anti-fraud procedures integration into the existent corporate processes, Danone Russia 
Fedotova Elena, Director of compliance control


• Anti-Corruption and anti-fraud policies and implementation activities
• Preparing for changes in business processes, control for changes implementation:
-        Design and approval business processes changes
-        Development of standard documents
-        Preparing Technical Specifications for IT processes
-        Staff information and training
• Tracking anti-corruption and fraud systems
Check yourself and contractor: Contractor due diligence in the light of Art. 54.1 of the Tax Code application
Kirillov Dmitriy, Senior lawyer, lawyer, tax practice

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

• Studying the contractor in the light of the Art. 54.1 of the Tax Code application
• Protection strategy against imputation of VAT tax gaps, reducing the tax audit risks and preparing evidence base
• Protect yourself from the imputation of VAT tax gaps, minimizing tax audit risks and preparing a tax base
• Comparability of commercial information systems with the VAT ACS applied by tax authorities