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Compliance & Anticorruption in Russia and CIS: status 2016

Association of European Businesses (Moscow)

Best Anticorruption Practices in Daily Operations with your Distributors , Intermediaries, Agents and Subcontractors

GE Healthcare Russia and CIS

Practical experience of building an efficient compliance service in MGTS

MTS Group

Control processes building and automation within internal control system – based on example of Microsoft 


Managing Fraud and Corruption Risks when dealing with Various Counterparties


Effective Methods of Corruption Prevention and Fighting Corruption in Retail: Case Study from O’Key

O’KEY Group

Building Intellectual Support System for Control Functions: Main Principles and Implementation Experience


The process of applying anticorruption clauses in contracts 

Burger King

Assessing the Effectiveness of Anticorruption Compliance Program and Ensuring its Continuous Improvement

CANON, Russia & CIS


Jones Lang LaSalle, Russia & CIS


Successful strategies for managing conflict of interest and its interrelated elements: Identification, regulation and prevention based on practical examples 


Complex Risk Assessment and Effective Compliance Risk Mitigation Methods in M&A Deals


Business Standards Codex as an Essential Element of Anticorruption Programme


Ensuring Compliance during the Cooperation with Public Authorities and while Concluding Contracts with Public Procurement Authorities: How to reduce the Risks of Involvement in Corruption Schemes


Anticorruption Compliance in Organisation and Management of Document Workflow

Becton Dickinson (BD)

Case Study: Building an Efficient Compliance Office in a Retail Bank


Compliance Risk Management for Legal Department 

Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia

Board of Director’s Role in Supervising the setup of Anticorruption and Antifraud System and Ensuring its Efficient Functioning Vnukovo Airport  Evaluating the methods of responding to corrupt employee conduct within the limits of Russian employment laws 

GE Healthcare Russia and CIS

Practical issues of building the system of notification mechanism organization at the enterprise (Whistleblowing and Hotline) as one of stimulating measures of anti-fraud and anti-corruption practices


Pending issues of evidence collection system and organization of fact proofing

Schneider Electric